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" Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation Klang "
" Yayasan Pelajaran, Kebajikan & Penyelidikan Klang "

Be a Volunteer

Give yourself a chance to serve the community with your best afford as all the programmes and activities done are all planed and tasks which is divided to all volunteers are according to their availability.

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Need Counselling

Students may face obstacles and difficulty in facing problems and overcoming it. In EWRF Klang, we provide counselling sessions to hear and provide good solutions for the students challenged by problems.

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Get Involved Now

Get involved today with us. Joining hands together brings us more closely to touch and change lives of others. Start getting involved in volunterring services with us and you can see a change in your lifes.

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Event Galleries

Come and see what activities that we do and experience all these events through our event galleries. If you have set your mind to participate the doors are always open to you and we welcome you with open arms.

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